Welcome to What’s in the Works, an exclusive series for our supporters where I list the theses of Areo articles that are in development. It’s short and simple, but I hope it connects you to Areo in a way. — Malhar Mali

Coming Up:

  1. Helen Pluckrose writes an appeal to feminist men who she feels infantilize her and other women.
  2. James A. Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose’s defense of universities will be released this Friday, the 23rd as an early release article for supporters at the Contributing Publisher level and above.
  3. Oliver Traldi plans use an analogy from the movie The Big Short, about the financial crisis, to describe what’s going on in postmodern academia. In his own words: “The housing crisis involved a lot of people failing to look closely at the details of mortgages, then a lot of bad mortgages being recombined into financial instruments that were then deemed good. This fits my understanding of the shallow citation practices of interdisciplinary scholarship. But the idea isn’t fully fleshed out yet.”
  4. An article which takes a look at the recent H & M lawsuit regarding a graffiti artist and intellectual copyright.

As a reminder, Lee Jussim’s article on the reality of intolerance on campus is available now to members at the Contributing Publisher level and above.

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