Areo is an opinion and analysis digital magazine focused on current affairs — in particular: humanism, reason, science, politics, culture and human rights.

Areo, named after Milton’s speech in defence of freedom of speech, Areopagitica, publishes thoughtful essays from a variety of perspectives compatible with broadly liberal and humanist values. It places particular priority on evidence and reason-centered pieces. Our contributors are intellectually, professionally and ideologically diverse and include liberals, conservatives, socialists, libertarians, atheists and religious believers. As much as possible, Areo aims to avoid polarizing tribalistic stances and prioritizes intellectual balance, charity, honesty and rigor.

We believe in the unfettered freedom to explore, think, and challenge ideas and concepts, and we’re intent on taking part in the conversations that will shape our tomorrow. If you’d like to lend your thoughts to these conversations, visit our submissions page for guidelines.

Helen Pluckrose — Editor


Iona Italia — Sub-Editor


Gauri Hopkins — Administrator


Areo was founded in November 2016 by Malhar Mali and run by him until June 2018.