Welcome to What’s in the Works, an exclusive series for our supporters where I list the theses of Areo articles that are in development. It’s short and simple, but I hope it connects you to Areo in a way. Malhar Mali

Coming Up:

1) Lee Jussim takes an in-depth view of campus politics and whether ideas about a crisis over free speech and academic freedom are over-hyped or not. I’m excited about publishing this essay and hope that you’ll enjoy it, too.

2) A. Jay Adler argues in a coming piece that it isn’t really postmodernism at play which is impacting much of our discourses. He notes, rather, “that more specifically than postmodernism, what is at work at the core of postmodern relativism is a new, contrary form of logocentrism than the one Jacque Derrida attempted to deconstruct.” 

3) Helen Pluckrose and James A. Lindsay team up again to write a principled defense of the university. This piece has been under development for a while so I’ll be happy to see it published.

4) A writer who has intimate experience with living in “intentional communities” or planned utopias explains why they never work.

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