Welcome to What’s in the Works, an exclusive series for our supporters where I list the theses of Areo articles that are in development. It’s short and simple, but I hope it connects you to Areo in a way. — Malhar Mali

Coming Up:

  1. A short interview with Faisal Al-Mutar on his new project.
  2. An examination of how ideologies drive their adherents into inconsistent positions and of how this relates to tribalism.
  3. A look at the concept of Islamic feminism and whether feminism and Islam can be compatible.
  4. Charleen Adams is planning on exploring female intrasexual competition.

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  1. Wondering if you are anticipating any articles discussing Robin DiAngelo and her “White Fragility” theory. I am seeing a lot of publicity and sharing on it, I know she’s hyping her new book. All the SJW types seem gaga over it. I think she makes some relevant points but have some serious criticisms too. Would like to see scholars with more social science cred than me weigh in on it.

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