We publish academics, journalists, aspiring writers, and thinkers. If you have something to say that is captivating, original, and thoughtful, send your work to submissions@areomagazine.com as a word document or in the body of your email and it’ll be considered for publication.

Please follow our style guide.


Style Guide


Areo uses American English. That means several things: Words like “favour” are now “favor,” words which usually end in an “ise” will now end in “ize.” An example of this “marginalize” as opposed to “marginalise.” You get the idea.


Please do not just use the hyphen button for all types of hyphens and dashes. Rather, use these appropriately:

Em dash: — used when separating sentence segments. To create an em dash on Macintosh use “shift” + “alt/option” + “-” together. For a Windows machine use “ctrl” + “option” + “-”.

En dash: – used between sequences and numbers e.g. 135–139 pages. To create an en dash on Macintosh use “alt/option” + “-” together. For a Windows machine an en dash is a little more difficult. You can find the instructions here.

dash: – used for hyphenation e.g. “slow-witted.” We hope you know where to find that on a keyboard!


We use double quotes for everything. Yes, we know it’s not “correct.”  But when you are quoting someone, their words go inside of double quotes. When you want to emphasize a word, you should use double quotes as well as opposed to single (‘ ’) quotes. Even better, if you want to emphasize something use italics.

Additionally, make sure your commas, full-stops, and question marks go inside the quotation marks.


Please ensure that the draft you send us has text which is already hyerplinked.

For example don’t send us this:

Areo has a style guide on their website for submissions (www.areomagazine.com/submissions).”


Areo has a style guide on their website for submissions.”


The names of publications should be italicized. But we omit the “The” in front of publication names. For example, The New Yorker, will be the New Yorker, The New York Times will be the New York Times.

The names of essays and articles are in quotes, not italicized. Book, TV, and movie titles are italicized, not in quotes.

Please allow us two weeks to get back to you. If the submission is urgent or timely, make that clear. If you don’t hear back from us, please consider another outlet for publication.

For questions, comments, crises, concerns: malhar@areomagazine.com