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The Children of Dogma

| by Tony Philpott | In the 1500s the Vatican aligned itself with its favorite despots — and the Protestants cuddled up to their preferred tyrants. Each religion claiming divine sponsorship — each ruler laying claim to whatever land the ruler next door happened to occupy. After the Diet of Speyer, the principle of cuius […]

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Peter Boghossian on Critical Thinking, the Atheos App, and the Post-Modern Influence on Universities

“[Gender studies professors] are pumping out complete bullshit and indoctrinating a generation of students to believe total nonsense.” — Peter Boghossian. Peter Boghossian (@PeterBoghossian) is an Assistant Professor of philosophy at Portland State University. His primary research interests are critical thinking and moral reasoning. He’s written for publications such as Time Magazine, Scientific American, and The Philosophers’ Magazine, and […]

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