What We’re Reading is an exclusive fortnightly recap for our supporters at the Affiliate Publisher level and above. This is where we highlight articles, books, and blogs we’ve been reading, have read, or find too interesting not to share. The content shared here need not necessarily reflect ideas we agree with or endorse. It might even be concepts or ideas we disagree with strongly. Rather, this is just an assorted collection of works we have consumed or are in the process of consuming. Hence the title: What We’re Reading. We’ll also highlight podcasts and videos occasionally. — Malhar MaliHelen PluckroseOliver Traldi

Malhar’s picks

Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, “The Science Behind Psychopaths and Extreme Altruists” — National Geographic

Kelly Weill, “Conspiracy Theories Are Eating this Alt-Right Friendly Site From the Inside” — Daily Beast

David French, “Conservatives Fail the N.F.L.’s Free Speech Test” — New York Times

Alice Dreger, “Intersex rights” — Aeon

Helen’s picks

Tim Maudlin, “The Defeat of Reason.” — Boston Review

Sean Wilentz, “Fighting Words.” — Democracy Journal

John McWhorter, “Atonement as Activism.” — American Interest

Jamil Javani, “Why Sam Harris — Not Ezra Klein — is the One Making Space for People of Color.” — Quillette

Oliver’s picks

Jessica McCrocy Calarco, “Why Rich Kids are So Good at the Marshmallow Test” — The Atlantic

Thomas B. Edsall, “Trump Against the Tide” — New York Times

Tali Sharot and Cass Sunstein, “Would You Go to a Republican Doctor?” — New York Times

Noam Stein, “Bryan Caplan’s The Case Against Education – A Review” — Quillette

Wars and Clan Structure May Explain a Strange Biological Event 7000 Years Ago” — Phys.org

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