What We’re Reading is an exclusive fortnightly recap for our supporters at the Affiliate Publisher level and above. This is where we highlight articles, books, and blogs we’ve been reading, have read, or find too interesting not to share. The content shared here need not necessarily reflect ideas we agree with or endorse. It might even be concepts or ideas we disagree with strongly. Rather, this is just an assorted collection of works we have consumed or are in the process of consuming. Hence the title: What We’re Reading. We’ll also highlight podcasts and videos occasionally. Malhar Mali, Helen Pluckrose, Oliver Traldi

Malhar’s picks

Lee Jussim and Mahzarin Banaji, “Mandatory Implicit Bias Training Is a Bad Idea.” — Psychology Today

Julia Belluz, “Companies like Starbucks love anti-bias training. But it doesn’t work — and may backfire.” — Vox

Olvia Goldhill, “The world is relying on a flawed psychological test to fight racism.” — Quartz

Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind (Note: I’ve been leafing through this one once in a while and I’m about 70% through)

Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, and Maajid Nawaz, “Joe Rogan Experience #1107 – Sam Harris & Maajid Nawaz.” — The Joe Rogan Experience

Helen’s picks

Steven Pinker: Counter-Enlightenment Convictions are ‘Surprisingly Resilient.’” — Quillette

Philip Ball, “The IQ trap: how the study of genetics could transform education.” — New Statesman

Maura Lerner, “Nurturing a new diversity on campus: ‘Diversity of thought’.” — Star Tribune

Conor Friedersdorf, “Randa Jarrar, Moral grandstanding and Forbearance.“– Atlantic

Oliver’s picks

Berny Belvedere, “It Is Time to Give Centrism a Try.” — ArcDigital

Franklin Foer, “The End of Reality / The Era of Fake Video Begins.” — Atlantic

Ben Sixsmith, “What Conservatism Isn’t.” — ArcDigital

Robby Soave, “Duke Students Who Hijacked Alumni Event: Punishing Us Would Hurt Us Mentally.” — Reason

What have you been reading, viewing, or listening to in the last two weeks that we should draw our attention to? What are some ideas you’d like discussed in Areo? Let us know below. Areo editors are active in the comments section.

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