Welcome to What We’re Reading, an exclusive fortnightly recap for our supporters at the Affiliate Publisher level and above. This is where we highlight articles, books, and blogs we’ve been reading, have read, or find too interesting not to share. The content shared here need not necessarily reflect ideas we agree with or endorse. It might even be concepts or ideas we disagree with strongly. Rather, this is just an assorted collection of works we have consumed or are in the process of consuming. Hence the title: What We’re Reading. We’ll also highlight podcasts and videos occasionally. — Malhar MaliHelen PluckroseOliver Traldi  

Malhar’s picks

Graeme Wood, “The Refugee Detectives” — Atlantic

Glenn Loury & John McWhorter, ” How dangerous is the alt-right?” — Blogging Heads Podcast

How and why to search for young Einsteins” — Economist

Amy Alkon, Unf*ckology: A Field Guide to Living with Guts and Confidence

Oliver’s picks

Elizabeth Finne, “The Tyranny of the Subjective” — Quillette

Briahna Joy Gray, “The Dangers of Following Louis Farrakhan” — Rolling Stone

Toure F. Reed, “Between Obama and Coates” — Catalyst Journal

Matthew Schmitz, “Jordan Peterson, Unlikely Guru” — First Things

Helen’s picks

Jonathan Rauch Interview by Christine Ravold  “Alt-truth: New and Old Threats to Intellectual Freedom.” — Higher Ed Podcast. 

David Reich, “How Genetics is Changing our Understanding of Race.” — New York Times

Sean Stevens and Jonathan Haidt, “The Skeptics are Wrong: Attitudes About Free Speech on Campus are Changing.”  —  Heterodox Academy

Kenan Malik, “The ‘Nazi pug’: Giving Offence is Inevitable and Often Necessary in a Plural Society.” — Guardian

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