Science | Tech

The Trolley Problem, Reimagined: Self-Driving Cars

Suppose that you’re driving your car in the right hand lane of a one-way street on a winter evening. As you approach a red light at an intersection, you tap the brakes and begin to skid. Ahead of you the left lane is closed and is blocked by a concrete barrier in front of a […]

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Culture | Media

I Am a Minority and I Prohibit You

I am a minority and I prohibit you from culturally appropriating my native culture. I was born in India, hence, I prohibit you from stealing my culture, eating any foods that are representative of that region and engaging in my practices. But wait I have a reason. I have several: Since the British colonized, destroyed, and […]

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Religion | Politics

Story Animals: Do We Need to Refine Our Discourse?

Why do we believe what we believe? Do we believe our eyes, our ears, our nose? Our senses are limited by our meat puppet exteriors. Optical illusions fool our eyes. Scents deaden our olfactory senses. Ultra low and high frequencies go unheard but affect us nonetheless. This is how we interpret and experience our reality […]

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Against Empathy? What Paul Bloom Missed

When I was five or six years old, my father somehow managed to get our two-wheel-drive rental car stuck in the middle of a remote Canadian beach. I’m actually not quite sure why it happened, but I can recall the sudden lurch I felt as we abruptly stopped moving and the shrill squeals of the […]

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