On New Years Eve, for the first time in recent history, Germans acted efficiently and confidently with at least a semblance of a plan as they checked and methodically dispersed over 650 men in Cologne, the site of the infamous mass sexual assault on New Years Eve 2016. Two large groups of primarily North African men came to Cologne from the outskirts and formed large groups in the railway stations heading towards the city center where the assault took place last year, when they were screened and apprehended.

Some displayed naturally aggressive behavior, as quoted by the police chief of Cologne. 98 % of the apprehended were from North Africa or other places (which are not warzones).

Almost all of these men were economic migrants and not refugees. This came at the same time when a Syrian refugee, who entered Germany two years back, was arrested for plotting a car bomb attack. What would one expect from this flawless operation which perhaps saved hundreds of New Year’s Eve revelers from being sexually molested, or worse, mowed down or blasted?

Cries of racism and racial profiling from the usual Green-Reds. Apparently, German police shortened the term North Africans to NAFRIS, which is a symbol of “structural racism and racial profiling.”

Sound depressing? Actually this is possibly the most surprisingly optimistic end to a year that can be considered as epochal as 1917, 1945, or 1989. Finally — commonsense prevailed, and Germans took internal community policing more seriously.


It’s still too early to note if this is a sign of the times to come as Angela Merkel is like a chameleon, known to utter talking points and shift to positions which win her votes, so it would be foolish to take her new year statement seriouslyHowever, structural forces naturally balance society. Countermeasures to handle the disproportionate amount of sexual deviancy in a specific group of people were inevitable. But this is part of a broader realignment, and looking back, 2016 was a year where the world started to return to equilibrium.

Comparativists, at least those who still research outside the postmodern leftist academic/media pundit class bubble might do well to compare 2016 with 1989, another epochal year, and within the lifetime of the majority of the population of the globe.

The fall of liberal hegemony across the Western world is strikingly similar to the fall of another totalitarian all encompassing ideology across the globe, a quarter century back. Then, just as much as now, the battle against totalitarianism was won by a combination of ideas based around free speech, individualism, nationalism, and tradition. Liberals did not lead the battle against Soviet totalitarianism in Eastern Europe, as a revisionist history wrongly teaches us, it was led by conservatives who wanted to have their national traditions back, as opposed to a borderless ideology imposed on them. Then, the hardliner ideologues thought it was Western direct interference, not just moral abandonment that was leading the masses to throw away their Party Membership cards and burn them in roadside trash cans.

Repressive ideologies naturally provoke conservative backlashes.

Even now we see the liberal elites, who are themselves the current versions of the Communist elite, both in their sheltered upmarket lifestyle and their disdain for the masses, who cannot seem to comprehend why no one is willing to hear their failed policies and diktat.

Jill Filipovic lamented in the NYT that Ivanka Trump is a fake feminist as she chose to support her husband and take care of her family and children. Therefore she’s a bad role model for America, even when she’s successful and competent, and unlike Jill ever will, co-ran a campaign which won her dad the Presidency. The tone and disdain of the piece is enough to understand Trump’s appeal to Middle America, and yes, the majority of white women across the country who voted for him.

Others are even worse: Jamelle Bouie and Nate Silver, somehow still shamelessly manage to write column after column after totally failing to analyze or predict anything successfully for the last two years. Elsewhere the situation is more despondent: Sarah Kendzior gave in to raging paranoia, blaming everything on Russia. Ta Nehisi Coates, predictably, blamed it all on racism. I can go on, but you get the drift.

The reason is that liberal totalitarianism is so enshrined in the elites that they fail to understand that people want tradition in their lives, rules, and ties that bind communities.

Middle America fails to understand why they must pay taxpayer dollars to have privileged students go to universities, only to be offended when someone asks them where they can get a tan. Britain fails to understand the same: why anyone should tolerate a bunch of people who hate everything that is British and try to destroy society from within all the while being funded by taxpayer money. Europeans fail to understand why they should pay a tax for masses of people who are coming to their cities, the most extreme of which prey on their women and mow down their kids.

Conservatism is not good by definition, but conservatism is inevitable when there is an effort to erase tradition from society. Ideas that are opposed to science and nature, and a radicalism that provides a one-sided smug lecturing, will almost inevitably result in a backlash. The world passes through phases of liberal and conservative extremes, and it is my hypothesis that the liberal era is over for now.

2016 will be known as the year that tradition made a comeback.

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